Girls With Balls Pythons And More

Girls With Balls
 Pythons & More

Ball Python Morphs, Fancy Gecko, Leopard Gecko, and Bearded dragon Breeder.

Terms of Sale

Payment plans:

* We do accept payment plans with a 25% non refundable deposit and will work with you as follows:

  • Animals under $200, we will NOT accept a payment plan.

  • Animals between $200 and $500, 30 days, with balance due within 30 days of initial deposit.

  • Animals between $500 and $1000, 60 days, with balance due within 60 days of initial deposit.

  • Animals priced over $1000, 90 days, with balance due within 90 days of initial deposit.

* Once again, deposits are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.  If you default on a payment plan, your animal will be put back on the market, until its paid off.  If it should sell before you pay off the animal, you can transfer any payments, LESS YOUR 25% DEPOSIT, to another available animal(s) of equal or lesser value. 

*Absolutley NO REFUNDS unless we cannot provide you with the animal you have chosen.  

*All animals guaranteed 100% healthy and eating.

*Any non eating issue will need to be addressed within 30 days to make exchange arrangements.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.


* All our animals are packaged for safe, live delivery with a heat pack or cool pack as necessary via Fed-Ex next day delivery.  All animals are guaranteed live arrival with the exception if no one is home to receive the package on the FIRST delivery attempt.  Any problems with the box or animal must be reported to Fed-Ex at time of receipt and then immediately to us.  If Fed-Ex leaves the package without a signature due to a signature release being on file for your delivery address, we are not liable if the animal is deceased or otherwise ill due to the package being left in the elements.  In the event of a DOA, the animal must be preserved and we reserve the  right to request video proof or to have the animal shipped back before issuing a refund.

* Shipping is done on Monday through Wednesday.  We only ship when temperatures are above 34 and below 90 degrees.  We will check the weather in our area and the customers area to determine the best time to ship your package.